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PGDs are suitable for registered healthcare professionals only and are valid for 12 months from the date they are issued. Note that at this current date, registered pharmacy technicians are not able to deliver private services under a PGD. Please check your eligibility and training options first, as we will not be able to issue a refund for this purchase. Training will need to meet professional standards and for some PGDs may be self-directed.

PGD Types Available For Purchase:

  • Personal PGDs

A pharmacist will have their own personal PGD to cover the service they are providing in a particular independent pharmacy or pharmacy chain. Once authorised by the superintendent/clinical lead of the pharmacy, they remain your personal PGD and can be taken with you to use in pharmacies within the same pharmacy chain covered by the same superintendent.

Unlike an NHS PGD, pharmacists will need their own personal PGD for each service they deliver. Each PGD will need to be authorised by the superintendent/senior pharmacist of the company they are working for. Our PGDs are authorised per pharmacist, for use in one company under the supervision of the superintendent/senior pharmacist. You will not be able to take a PGD to multiple companies and use it.

  • Premises PGDs

A new option for pharmacies where there are multiple pharmacists offering a service at a particular branch. The PGD is premises or ‘site’ specific and once authorised by the superintendent or clinical lead, can be used by all the pharmacists who work in that pharmacy premises.

Premises PGDs provide a convenient and cost-effective way for pharmacies to offer clinical services. With our brand-new Premises PGDs, each service has its own PGD, but any pharmacist or other healthcare professional working on that site, can utilise it, assuming they meet the required standards. Please note, these PGDs are not transferrable between different locations, branches or sites, but you can still operate off-site clinics such as at care homes. To add pharmacists (including locums) to the list of authorised users, the superintendent is responsible for ensuring all individuals meet the necessary requirements.

All PGD orders are processed Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm with 48 hours processing time required.

Please note that our PGDs are not part of our course training and will need to be purchased before the service is delivered.

This Flu PGD is for the 2024/25 season. Please note that this PGD will be sent to the email address provided on the order, upon release.

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Personal PGD, Premises PGD: 0-10 Branches, Premises PGD: 11-20 Branches, Premises PGD: 21-50 Branches